#1: The Pilot

Welcome to the maiden voyage of The Parallel. On it, my guests and I take on several Apple-centric topics. You would be right to suspect a pattern developing. Listen in to learn what The Parallel wants to be when it grows up, or click the About link to see if I’ve written anything yet.

Guests: Ken Ray (Mac OS Ken) and Robert Carter (The Tech Doctor)


  • Can Apple News become a friendly and lucrative place for content publishers? Will iOS users who largely ignore Newsstand return to an Apple-branded container to get publications and information? And will News and all its content be accessible to VoiceOver users, or will they mirror the largely inaccessible Newsstand experience?
  • Productivity features in iOS 9, and what they mean for the iPad’s future
  • Who’s excited about Apple Music?

One More Thing: Where do you get your news?