#3: Everyone Wants an Apple TV

The updated Apple TV promises a richer, more flexible, more Apple-y viewing experience. My guests and I discuss whether the new offering delivers on the promise, and what it means to have apps on the big screen. We also take a peak behind the curtain of Apple’s September 9 event, with someone who, unlike most of us, was there.

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#2: The Way We Learn Now

Hey, I’m back! After a busy summer of work and travel, it’s time to get this show on the road. I’m still learning what The Parallel wants to be when it grows up, but the path, to continue the travel metaphor, is illuminated.

On this one, my guests and I talk about how people learn to use technology now, and how those methods differ from the days of books, magazines, and copious documentation. There’s a lot of discussion about accessible learning, since my guests and I are all stepped in technologies like VoicOver, Braille, and the use of audio in our learning lives.

Guests: Allison Sheridan (NosillaCast) and Allison Hartley (The Tech Doctor)


  • Media for learning tech subjects has changed: have we changed too?
  • Visual learning for those who are, and are not blind
  • Is audio a good learning format?
  • Clarify puts interactive tutorials on the Web
  • Everyone wants to learn programming; some are further along
  • The pleasure of random access

One More Thing: what do you want to learn next?

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#1: The Pilot

Welcome to the maiden voyage of The Parallel. On it, my guests and I take on several Apple-centric topics. You would be right to suspect a pattern developing. Listen in to learn what The Parallel wants to be when it grows up, or click the About link to see if I’ve written anything yet.

Guests: Ken Ray (Mac OS Ken) and Robert Carter (The Tech Doctor)


  • Can Apple News become a friendly and lucrative place for content publishers? Will iOS users who largely ignore Newsstand return to an Apple-branded container to get publications and information? And will News and all its content be accessible to VoiceOver users, or will they mirror the largely inaccessible Newsstand experience?
  • Productivity features in iOS 9, and what they mean for the iPad’s future
  • Who’s excited about Apple Music?

One More Thing: Where do you get your news?