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Mix tech news topics with smart people, and season the conversation with discussion about the accessibility of computers and mobile devices. That’s The Parallel.

This is emphatically not an accessibility podcast. The Parallel is a tech podcast that is informed by the need for improved accessibility to computers and mobile devices. Your host, Shelly Brisbin, has worked as a journalist and author for more than 25 years, covering both mainstream technology (especially Apple), and accessible consumer tech (especially Apple.) On each episode of The Parallel. Shelly and her guests, who also cover the mainstream and accessible waterfronts, discuss gadgets, apps, operating systems, the kinds of work we do with them, and what the future holds for us all.

Why The Parallel?

This is from the FAQ for guests: “I’ve worked for many years in both the mainstream, and accessible tech worlds. I’ve been frustrated by how little overlap there is between the two communities. Too, the conversations we have tend to be superficial. Mainstream outlets know accessibility is a thing, and will sometimes enumerate features or the lack of them. They often don’t evaluate accessibility as they would other features and products, nor do they seek the advice or opinions of those who use them. They view accessibility as a social issue, not a technology issue. Fun fact: there is a community of podcasters, writers, developers and geeks who cover assistive technology (AT.) And for these writers, podcasters, and developers, accessible technology can change lives, and the lack of it can be damaging to those lives. But such technologies are also tools to be wielded in service of productivity, communication, and joy. Whether they work, and how well, is evaluated in the accessibility community with the same rigor the mainstream dissects a laptop, a game, a voice assistant. And we should all talk to each other more.”

3 thoughts on “About the Show

  1. Shelly, I would like to suggest a guest for a future show. Jim Fidler who lives in St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada is a musician who plays 15 different instruments and writes, produces and records his own music. He has worked with great big sea and the CBC canadian public TV and radio. He is an expert in sound, editing, recording and has his own podcast although its been a few years since the last episode. He uses both mac/ios and pc platforms. He is blind and is an expert on accessibility. Im not sure if these comments are going to be made available on the web so email me and I will send you his email address.

    Very Truly Yours


  2. I just listened to Episode 1 of your podcast and enjoyed it. I’ve recently started thinking about getting an iPhone at some point. I am a VoiceOver user, and have been using a MacBook Air since the beginning of 2014. Prior to that I was using Windows and DOS back in the day, and my parents had an AppleIIE when those machines were still around. I love what Apple has done with VoiceOver on the Mac platform, but there are a few reasons why I want an iPhone. Although this podcast isn’t specifically geared towards accessibility per se, it looks like a good starting point for me.

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