#14.5: A Change of Address for Parallel

I have exciting news. Parallel has joined the Relay FM network of podcasts. I’m really looking forward to bringing the tech podcast with accessibility sprinkles to the Relay family – a group of excellent podcasts with worldwide reach. The episode attached to this post is a short introduction to the show for Relay listeners. The first full Relay-hosted show drops August 7, and will be labeled episode #1.

My show will go on as before, but with a few minor changes; all of them awesome.

  • Most importantly, the show has a new home on the web, and there are new links for subscribing to the show in your podcast app of choice. Please update your subscription information, and spread the word that we’ve moved to a new home at Relay FM. No more shows will be posted to the old feed!
  • The show formerly called The Parallel will go minimalist, and is now simply called Parallel. It’s been really hard to stop saying the “The,” but I’m getting there.
  • Thanks to Relay’s own @forgottentowel, the show has a brand-new logo. And an upcoming episode will feature a professional audio description of the logo. Do you know of any other podcast that has one of those? You do not!
  • Keep up with new episodes by following the show’s Twitter feed, @parallelpods. Of course, you can still follow me at @shelly, the world’s best Twitter handle.
  • Relay FM is a commercial podcast network, and many of its shows include sponsorship messages. With your support, Parallel too, will attract sponsors. And when it does, I’ll share my personal ethical guidelines for talking about products and services with listeners. I’ve given it lots of thought.

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